Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lovecraft's Revenge - Player's Aid

I recently finished a Player's Aid for Lovecraft's Revenge, which includes several Opening Scenes for stories.  Since I wanted to make it easy for people to roll at random, I numbered them 2-12, which gives us 11 scenes.  However, I wanted one more, so here's # 13, along with my own results, playing through it.

I also found some more Rory Story Cubes to add to my collection, including Clues and Fright.

8 Legged Terror

A giant spider-like creature is reported to have attacked several people.  Reports also say the creature has a head that resembled an unidentified animal and people were identified to have been killed as if by a blunt object, rather than fangs as spiders usually bite.
Objective:  Research a Legend
Starting Location: University
Time of Day:  Day
Number of Clues: 8
Starting DL: 4

Special Rules:  None. 

My character, Theo, is a Rep 5 Academic, and has the Genius, Clumsy, and Strong Willed attributes.  Knowing he's in over his head, he picks up a shotgun before starting his investigation.

Theo starts off at the University, where he receives the information.  Exploring the college, he suddenly feels a rush of heat, like being surrounded by numerous people, yet the quad is empty this time of night.  Reaching the library, he asks the clerk for information, and the librarian directs him to the 4th floor, where the Exotic Studies sections are.

As he reaches the top, Theo meets a researcher, who sends him to an older bookstore across town.

So far so good.

Walking down the busy sidewalk, Theo thought he heard someone call his name, but when he turned, he didn't see anyone.  Strange.  Reaching the book store, he looked over the shelves and found a book detailing various folklore of the town.  One passage even mentions 'Spiders from the Sky.'  He also notices some symbols that resemble those carved into the rocks at the beach.

Arriving at the beach, Theo notices some soldiers watching a dancer as she entertains the public.  However, no one really pays Theo much attention.  Reaching the rocks, he realizes the markings were also seen in a cave in the older part of the city.

Entering the cave, Theo notices the ground feels crunchy, like walking on bones, not that he knows what walking on bones feels like.  He does find a dog, who follows him through the cave, and he names the animal Bones.  The cave leads him to an old mansion, and the two explore it before running into some cultists.

The cultists attack, but Bones attacks one, causing the others to take off.  With them gone, Theo finds papers left behind with the weird symbols, along with sketches of a spider with a weird-shaped head.

At this point, Theo and Bones reach the graveyard, only to find a bunch of ghouls participating in a weird dance.  The ghouls approach hungrily at first, but at Bones' barking, they turn and leave.  On a nearby gravestone, Theo sees more of the same designs as before, along with some trees.  He sets out for the woods to find out what's going on.

The two reach the woods and learn that the truth as they see piles of dead bodies.  Suddenly a mountain of dust rolls around the corner.

Theo fires his gun, but it does nothing, and he is crushed under the rolling pile of dirt and stones.  At least Bones escapes become another victim of the Crawling Chaos.

An unfortunate defeat for poor Theo, but at least he went believing the spider-like creature was probably just the Crawling Chaos . . . unless the spider creature is still out there!

The Player's Aid, which includes the other Opening Scenes, can be found here:

Have fun with your horrific games!

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