Sunday, May 13, 2018

Returning to Nuts an AAR

I recently received the updated rules for Nuts! a World War II game from Two Hour Wargames.  In addition, I got the Compendium, with covers a number of optional rules, such as ski troops, mascots, weather, air strikes, and urban fights.

After playing the videogame Snipe Elite 4, in which you go through Italy during WWII, I decided to play my own sniper game.  I like this especially because the rules in Nuts allow for unlimited maps and missions.

This will be a Chocolate and Cigarettes game, meaning a game with smaller numbers of troops, as my entire 'team' consists of one lone sniper.  Since I wanted to be a good guy but still a cold-hearted, ruthless killer, I went with a Russian soldier.

Meet Dimitri Kozlov, a Rep 5 Russian Sniper.  Fitness 5, Mental 4, People 3.  Basically, his skills mean he's in incredible shape with above average intellect and average people skills.  Hopefully he won't have to do any negotiating.

For Attributes, I went with the Compendium rules, which allow for a wider variety.  I started with the Sniper Package, which is Sniper Expert and Stealthy.  I then randomly rolled Dim, which means he's a hell of a sneaky shooter, but he really, really doesn't play well with others.

The campaign starts with both sides at Morale 4 and Investment at 4.  As the first Encounter is a Patrol, Investment is a 3.  Using the Compendium rules, this will be a Sniper Patrol, meaning I not only have to reach the top of the map, but I must drop two major opponents, whether they're officers, enemy snipers, ect.

In case you're wondering, no Dimitri is not about to play Twister.  Using my living room as the board, I set Dimitri at Section 9 at the top of a hill.  The orange and green represent the forest at sections 1, 4, and 7.  The red circles are the three PEFs, starting in Sections 2, 4, and 5.

PEF #1 resolves as Nothing.  However, PEF #2 resolves as an NCO and a Rifleman ( I rolled at random because at the time, I wasn't sure how to resolve specific troops).  PEF #3 resolved as 3 Riflemen. 

Rolling Activation, the Germans move first.  This triggers and In Sight Check, with the winner basically getting a free turn.  I rolled Red d6 for Dimitri and Green d6 for the Germans, with 1, 2, and 3 being Successes.  The side with the most successes win In Sight.

Uh oh!  Even though they get a -1d6 penalty for my Stealthy Attribute, they still win and get to go first.  While the NCO has an SMG which doesn't have the range to hit me, the Rifleman has a Bolt-Action Rifle that can, even without a scope.  He's a Rep 4, but I'm at the top of a hill and prone so the chances of him scoring any kind of hit are-

Crap!!!!  Not only does he score a direct hit, but for damage I roll another 6, which is Obviously Dead!  He scored with a head shot to my soldier!

Wait, I still have Star Power!  That means my Star, the character I control, rolls a number of d6 equal to his Rep, and as long as he rolls, 1, 2, and/or 3, he can reduce and even ignore the damage completely.  All he needs are a couple of those rolls and he'll be completely in the clear-

Um, yeah . . .about that . . .

So ends the saga of Dimitri Kozlov.  In his first mission, a lone, lowly enemy soldier puts a single bullet right between his eyes and ends his adventures. 

Luckily, it's not over yet!  I rolled up a new character and the Russian platoon, upon learning of poor Dimitri's fate, has sent another sniper to take his place.  I'm keeping the campaign the same.  Luckily, the Campaign Morale remained the same.  However, since I lost the Patrol encounter, my new character will start his adventure with a Defend. 

But that's for another story.

For now, RIP Dimitri Kozlov.  Dropped before he ever fired a bullet.  And this will go down in history as my quickest RPG adventure yet.

Hopefully, my new character has better luck.

Monday, April 30, 2018

I found Nemo! or rather He found me!

This is not one of my games, but a new game from Two Hour Wargames that I recently received.  I remember reading the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea and watching the films (I think there was more than one; it's been a while.).  However, my fondest memory was the ride at Walt Disney World. 

However, in the past decade or so, that and a number of my other favorites have disappeared, to be replaced by, at least in my view, lesser attractions.  For that reason, I saw playing this game as my revenge against Disney.  Now I understand the idea of out with the old and in with the new; I just choose not to accept it.  As such, a number of characters on my Star's side are named after rides, attractions, and shops at Disney that I loved and now miss. 

Let the voyage begin . . .

I awoken on a cot inside a vessel of some kind.  My clothes were missing, replaced with standard attire for a navel crew.  This was strange.  

Stumbling out of the room, I found myself in a large room with various devices smoking, rotating, and humming.

"So, you're back from the dead," said a voice to my right.  

Turning, I saw an older gentleman leaning against a post with his arms crossed.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"You're aboard the Nautilus," he answered, standing straight and spreading his arms.

"The Nautilus?"  I knew that name.  "You're Captain Nemo!  I thought you were dead."

"Not quite yet," he responded.  "And you are?"

"Jakob Kare," I answered.  "I was aboard the Minne, a passenger ship out of Oslo."

Nemo nodded.  "We found you adrift in a longboat.  It seems your vessel was attacked."

"It was," I said.  "A British ship mistook us for an enemy ship and attacked before we could identify ourselves."

"Unfortunately," he continued, "you were the only survivor.  Did you have any family aboard?"

I nodded, tightening my fists.  "My dog, Merlin.  He and I were rushing for the longboat when he vanished in a ball of fire right before my eyes."  I raised my eyes to his.  "Hey, you're on a mission of revenge against them, aren't you?  If so, I'm in!"

"Actually," Nemo said, "I'm retiring soon."

"But you can't retire!"  I glared at the legendary captain.  "Those cods haven't learned their lesson yet!"

A smirk appeared as he watched me.  "Which is why I'm looking for a captain to replace me.  Now I like your fire, but I don't know if you have what it takes."

"Follow me."

He led me through the corridor and to a room.  Opening the door we entered his personal cabin.  He took a seat behind his desk and pointed to a map.  "I'm want to see, Jakob Kare, if you have what is required to command this ship.  So I'm going to sending you on a series of missions, directing you from here.  Complete these missions to my satisfaction, and this ship will be yours to do with as you please.  Do you accept?"

I didn't even hesitate.  "When do we start?"

"First, I sending you to Kasur to collect food for the crew."

"Food?" I asked.  "I can more prove myself by sinking a ship or two."

He smiled as one would to a student who failed a test.  "Your crew cannot fight on empty stomachs.  Gather food, and then we'll talk next."

Jakob Kare (Star):  Rep 5:  Crack Shot (rolled at random), Quick Reflexes (chosen), SAR.
Mr. Toad (Grunt):  Rep 4:  Agile (Random), SAR.
Mr. Mars (Grunt):  Rep 4: Logical (Random), SAR.

A few hours later, I made landfall in search of food.  I brought with me two of Nemo's crew; a short but seemingly agile man named Mr. Toad, and a tall, thin, introspective man named Mr. Merlin.

While searching, Toad noticed three individuals approaching us.

After studying them, Mars pointed.  "They're Berber Militia."

We tried talking with them, but they ignored us.  Some time later, we had gather enough food and returned to the Nautilus.

"Well done," Nemo said to me.  "Although that was an easy mission.  While we're here, explore the rest of the island.  It might become a useful base."

I set off again with Toad and Mars as we traveled inland from the coast.

It didn't take long for us to run into trouble as three drake lizards charged us.  Toad shot two of them while Mars killed the last.  My shots missed completely, and I grew concerned.  Fortunately, my crew expressed respect for my courage and continued to follow me.

Some time later, we ran into more Berbers.  Apparently they were following us to see if we were a threat.  Upon learning that we weren't, they greeted us and vanished into a brush.

An hour later, we found three more Berbers who were gathering food.  They showed us the best places to extract food, and we thanked them and moved on.

Returning to the Nautilus, I reported back to Captain Nemo.

"The island is inhabited by a group called the Berbers.  They didn't give us any trouble and possibly we can form an alliance with them if we are to use the island as a base."

"Well done," he said.  "But again, an easy challenge.  Perhaps next-"

"Captain to the bridge.  British vessel in the vicinity."

We heard the call Mars and Nemo looked to me.  "You wanted to face a British ship.  Here's your chance.  But if you fail and damage my vessel, I'll bury you in Atlantis . . . alive!"

"Yes sir."

I rushed to the bridge and faced Mars.  "Captain Nemo gave me the bridge.  Report."

"One vessel," he answered.  "It looks like a cargo transport."

I saw it through the periscope.  It looked like it was shipping guns and supplies to one of their many forts.  

Smiling, I turned to my helm officer.  "Charge that ship."

Bringing the Nautilus just below the water's surface, we lunged ahead.  Suddenly, the ship turned at the last second and we flew right past it.  

"Are they fleeing?" I asked.

"Negative," came the answer.  "They're arming cannons."

"Dive, bring us just out of the line of sight and circle them."

Once they lost sight of us we charged again.

Direct hit!  We blew through the ship like paper, and I grinned widely as I watched the hull, along with its cargo, sunk below the waves.

"For you, Merlin."

Afterwards, I rolled Increasing d6 (Since the first two encounters were pretty short, I waited until the Navel Battle before rolling).

Jakob improved to Rep 6.

Toad improved to Rep 5.

Mars did not improve.

The adventure will continue next time.

Adventures with Captain Nemo is available now from Two Hour Wargames.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Stop the Squam - A Scenario for missions of Tomorrow

Here is another scenario you will find in Missions of Tomorrow, the first supplement to Future Tales.  In Wrecking Crew, you must track down a group bent on destroying an entire community.  Will you succeed?  Here's a preview.

Bart Blast, YM-3, and Wilma Chatter meet with the leaders of the town of Buckman.  Apparently, a group of aliens called the Squam were recently exiled from the town for torturing the populace, and now there are reports that the Squam are building weapons as part of a plan for revenge.  Bart and his friends set out to locate the Squam before they can complete their deadly experiment.

The trio encounters a village of primitive natives.  Luckily, they are peaceful, and after a few minutes of questioning (Wilma happens to be skilled at communication), they point the group in the direction of the Desert Wastes.

Crossing a dried-up lake, the group is ambushed by Sand Racers, who look a little too hungry as they approach the three heroes.

But our heroes have an ace up their sleeves!  It turns out, Wilma has the Animal Friend attribute and can communicate with the racers.  Informing them that the trio are friends and not food, she gets them to continue in search for other morsels, while Bart wipes the sweat off his brown that has nothing to do with the temperature.

An hour later, they find it; a device constructed by the Squam but abandoned for some time.  Perhaps they left it behind after running tests and now have the final product at their camp.

YM-3 attempts a Solve Puzzle to figure out the device, while Bart and Wilma watch from a short distance away.

FAIL!  YM-3 is zapped (Trap!) and goes OOF.  Bart and Wilma rush to their companion's side.  But before they can help, the now-duo hears growling noises behind them and turn.

Two more Racers, and this time, they don't feel like talking!  One goes for Bart and the other sizes up Wilma as a potential meal.

With lightning speed, Bart drops his foe with a single shot.  Wilma tries to blast her target, but it closes the distance before she can react, and before she can blink, Wilma finds herself face-to-snout with the final Racer.

Smashing it in the snout with her pistol, she drops her opponent and survives the battle.

With the threats no longer in sight, the two revive their friend, who's shaken and a little jumpy, but not the worst for wear.

Unfortunately, YM-3 was unable to figure out the device, and the group fails to gain a clue.  However, they do notice smoke from the mountains and decide to investigate.

No Travel Scene.  Looks like the trio will reach the mountains uninterrupted.  Even though they failed to gain a Clue, they continue with the scenario.  However, with one less clue, will they still reach the Squam before the creatures finish their weapons?

And what will happen in your game?

This scenario and three others are found in Missions of Tomorrow, a supplement to Future Tales.  If you don't have Future Tales, you can also use Fringe Space, Back Alleys, Larger than Life, and even Chain Reaction.

Missions can be played single player, same side, and even head to head.

Keep watching as Missions is coming soon from Two Hour Wargames!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Rescue the Senator - A Missions of Tomorrow Scenario

Missions of Tomorrow contains four scenarios for your characters to venture through, each with a different theme and set of locations.  We'll be looking at Politikill, the first scenario.

Our heroes, Bart Blast and his trusty robot partner YM-3, arrive at the space station and learn of a plot to assassinate Senator Kelly at a diplomatic function.  The two race through the ship in search of the senator.

Unlike most stories in Future Tales, you will move through the scenarios in Missions of Tomorrow even if you fail to find a clue.  However, the number of clues you find will affect how the Final Scene turns out.  This differs with each scenario, but for this one, finding more clues means you locate the senator quicker and have a better chance of rescuing him.

Unfortunately, their path is blocked by a meeting of delegations.  This is considered and Obstacle that they must cross to reach their goal.  Fortunately, the two succeed and slip past the delegates and through the room.

Uh oh, a Travel Scene, this time a Seduction!  In Future Tales, Seductions could be anything from a sweet talk to a bribe.  Here, it's a little different.  The alien sticks a pamphlet in Bart's face and begins his speech.  Bart makes the roll as normal.  If he fails, he's stuck there having to listen to the entire sales pitch.  Luckily, he passes and after telling the alien he isn't buying, he pushes past him and leaves the room, moving to the next scene.

Arriving in the hanger, Bart and YM-3 search for a passenger's manifest to learn more about the possible assassination.  Meeting a spacecraft tech, they question the man about what he knows.

Failed roll.  The tech states he's too busy to help right now.  Discouraged, the two continue on their way.

Passing the ship, the encounter a gang of ship thieves who have just dismantled the tech's robotic assistant.  Realizing their cover is blown, they attack.

However, they have never dealt with the likes of Bart Blast and his (usually) heroic buddy!  The open fire and drop two of the thieves within seconds.

The other two turn and run, while the tech calls for security to intercept them.

Seeing his robot isn't badly damaged, and thankful for Bart and his friend's help, the tech agrees to show them the manifest.  This introduces a new mechanic, Solving a Puzzle.  Bart succeeds and after handing the manifest back to the tech, races out the hanger door and down the hallway.

What happens next?  Well that part is up to you!

Missions of Tomorrow, the first supplement to Future Tales, is coming very soon from Two Hour Wargames.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Mengal Night! Missions of Tomorrow Preview

Missions of Tomorrow, the first supplement to Future Tales, is coming very soon.  And in addition to the scenarios, you'll find rules for a little game called Mengal, a futuristic and slightly more violent version of hockey.

Tonight's Mengal game is between the visitors, the Wastelanders and the home team, the Stoic.

Fans are lined up outside the arena, awaiting this game between two fierce rivals!

The teams set up on the ice to face off.  Note that you do not need a game board or figures to play Mengal.  You don't even need full teams.  Each team has Team Stats which reflect the average skill of all players.  You can even use your own Stars.  Just be careful; Star Power will only help you to a point!  For this game, I'm playing both teams as Grunts.  The poker chip reflects the first Period.

The Wastlanders win the Face Off and play begins.  During game play, each team can also add their Brutality to their Skill.  Brutality Dice work like bonus dice and can improve your rolls.  However, as fitting their name, they can also be used to bring agony and suffering to your opponents!

Here, both teams roll Triples with their Brutality Dice, meaning someone possibly got hurt, badly.

Near the end of the first Period, a player from each team suffers a minor injury, and the official separates the two, believing they are both too hurt to inflict any entertaining amounts of damage to the other.  Both get sent to the bench with Failure to Injure minor Penalties.

No score in the first Period, and the second Period begins with both members of each team starting in the Penalty Box.  Teams with a Penalty suffer a -1 or worse to one of their stats.

Uh Oh, tempers are flaring.  Charon of the Wastelanders, swinging his stick (which is shaped like a club and covered with spikes) and catches Minos-C in the face and chest.  A roll on the Injury table, and the results are not pretty!

Robots sweep and mop the remains off the ice while Charon gets a Major penalty for Mutilation.

Losing their teammate in such a brutal fashion has pushed the Stoic out of their trademark emotionless state.  Minos-A, in a state of rage, floors Charon, only for Charon's teammate Salvo to jump in.  Throwing down their gloves, the two brawl, with Minos-A winning and knocking Salvo to the ice.  This gives the Stoic a quick bonus.

Taking advantage of the bonus, The Stoic manage to score, breaking the tie as the second Period closes.

Throughout the third Period, the Wastelanders are unable to tie the game.  With just seconds left on the clock, they pull their goalie and use the extra man to charge the goal.  Charon, Outlaw, and Spike breach the defense and triple team the goalie, Minos-X.  As the period closes, they fire shot after shot, but Minos-X denies all three men and stops the Wastelanders as the game ends.

Final score:  0-1 Stoic.
Injuries:  Charon (minor), Minos-A (minor), Minos-C (deceased).

Game play for Mengal is quick and easy, with lots of fun, action, and blood, though not necessarily in that order!  You can create your own players in seconds and team in minutes.  It functions both as an addition to your stories and as a diversion if you just want something different.

Keep watching for more previews of Missions of Tomorrow, coming very soon, from Two Hour Wargames.