Friday, June 27, 2014

You can't make this stuff up! All Things Zombie AAR

You can't make this stuff up!

I decided, for my ATZ game, to try a real-life map for once. I took a couple maps from Google-maps, copied them to Word, slapped gridlines on them, and turned them into game maps. These maps basically cover the area from my work to my apartment. Aside from the names of my and my wife's characters (names were changed to protect the not-so innocent), all locations are real.

Greg: Rep 5 (Star); Sav 4, Pep 3; Logical, Agile
Erin: Rep 5 (Star); Sav 3, Pep 4; Free Spirit, Fast

Both started as Citizens and with improvised weapons.

Note: I used a couple house rules to both make things move quicker and fill in the blanks. First, after the first couple encounters, I replaced all random events with new PEF's. Second, whenever I wasn't sure of something (Are they keys in the car?), I rolled 1d6 for, "Yes" and 1d6 for "No." Ties resulted in new PEF's.

The Set-up: Erin met Greg at his work for lunch when zombies appeared out of nowhere and attacked. Grabbing some metal posts used on equipment carts, the two took off. However, with the parking lot filled with zeds, they set off on foot.

PEF's: 2 started in the same section with 1 off to the side.

The two first ran to Walgreens to get some supplies, only to find it overrun with zeds. After killing a couple, they ran down the street to find some help. Meanwhile, the single PEF approached them while the other two didn't move.

Gym . . . zeds, McDonald's . . . zeds, KFC . . . zeds.

Greg: "Let's head over the bridge."

Erin: "The bridge only goes over the tracks and there're no trains. It's quicker to just go that way."

Greg: "But on the bridge, the zombies can only hit us from 2 directions, and we can knock them off."
(I decided that any attack at the edge of the bridge would result in a Physical challenge roll to keep from falling off.)

The two fought several zombies and sent a number falling to their deaths. The lone PEF moved away from them. The other 2 split with one not moving.

They then reached the gun range where they found no guns but several more zeds. Greg got knocked down, but he recovered and they killed the rest. Afterward, they only found some food. Heading across the street, they entered the gun store, but it was emptied of weapons.

The PEF that left the one entered the section next to the couple, and the other followed. The third went in its own direction. Greg and Erin investigated the building with the 2 PEF's which I noted was the strip club.

Inside were 4 more citizens:

Niki: Rep 3, Pep 1, Sav 2; Init.; Pistol.
Tina: Rep 4, Pep 3, Sav 2; Medic; SG
May: Rep 4, Pep 3, Sav 2; Fast; Pistol
Suzy: Rep 3, Pep 1, Sav 2, HN, SG

All four mentioned they worked in the club but also knew their way around the guns. Considering the gun store is right next to the strip club while the range is across the street, I can pretty much figure out how they spent their off time.

All 4 also offered to join the couple, which Greg and Erin had no problem with. Meanwhile, PEF #3 moved toward them.
As they left the club and entered a gas station, PEF #4 appeared as several zeds burst out of the back room. Erin was knocked into the drink case and knocked out.

All 4 ladies passed the Man (or rather Woman) Down test, stood over her, and unloaded their weapons into the zeds. Greg decided, "Till death do we part? Close enough, I'm gone!" (Okay, just kidding, he stuck around too!)

After the fight, Tina (who was also a nurse), checked over Erin. She found no bite marks or cuts, just some bumps and bruises. She helped Erin recover, and they continued. Searching the station, they found some food, but not much else and headed across the street to the Dunkin Donuts, where PEF #3 was. PEF #5 then spawned at the gas station where they just left, exited the store, but proved to be nothing.

In DD, they encountered more zeds. Niki and Ern took out two of them, while Tina, having recognized the third zed as being a repeat customer in the club (and not a pleasant one) unloaded everything in her shotgun into its chest.

Erin: "I thought you're supposed to shoot it in the head."

Greg: (Seeing absolutely nothing between the zombie's head and waist) "His head won't do him any good if there's nothing below it."
Searching the building, they found a baseball bat, machete, and more food. Greg and Erin took the weapons, while Tina and May took the food.

PEF #6 spawned in the Adult Store next door. As they left DD, it exited, but they only head a grumble (Pass 1d6). Entering the store, the found one zed near the entrance. It lunged forward, but Greg crushed its skull with the bat, and they dragged it outside and dumped it in the trash bin.

Inside the store, the found more food and supplies and also noted that the store not only had its own generator, but it connected to a small apartment, with a kitchen and bathroom.

Since this was Section #1 of the map and it was time for dinner, I decided to call it a night. I also figured Greg and Erin locking themselves in an Adult Store with 4 strippers (all armed) and 3 months of food each wasn't a bad way to stop a game.